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Carol For Coventry by Robert W. Smith

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The classic “Coventry Carol” is an English Christmas carol from the 16th century. The haunting melody became more widely known in 1940, after Coventry was bombed by the German Air Force during World War II. On Christmas Day, the BBC broadcasted a service from the ruins of the Coventry Cathedral that included a dramatic choral performance of the work. This single broadcast with the song’s melancholy lyrics gave new meaning to the carol, cementing its place in our holiday repertoire. Robert W. Smith’s powerful “Carol For Coventry” brings that 1940 cathedral setting to life with a powerful and dramatic opening statement and a flowing, lyrical setting of the classic carol. A very dramatic choice for your holiday program!

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Catalog: 024-4904-00
Publisher: Barnhouse
Composer: Robert W. Smith
Voicing: Concert Band
Level: 1.5

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