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Bringers of Noise (SA) by Kyle Pederson

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SKU:  ae00-4695^AL48323
Manufacturer Part #:  AL48323
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Ships in 10-14 days
Ships in 10-14 days

Here's a dramatic detour into choral theater! Using a fictional language from an imaginary oracle, this exceptional piece effectively combines narration, rhythmic chanting, singing, and percussion to create an atmosphere of awe and mystery. A selection that your audience will be talking about for weeks afterward, and your singer will never forget. Instructions are provided to quickly adapt the SA voicing for 3-part mixed choirs.

Greg's Notes
A very different kind of piece starting with a narration that creates a mythological setting and chanting with drums - written for taiko, it could be any drums or even bucket drumming. Exciting and unique - something your audience will not soon forget.

Table of Contents:

Catalog: AL48323
Publisher: Alfred
Composer: Kyle Pederson
Level: 3

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