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Ohana SK-15WG Soprano Ukulele Willow

Price: $159.00
SKU:  ae00-1441^SK-15WG
Manufacturer Part #:  SK-15WG
White Rock
Ships in 10-14 days
Ships in 10-14 days
Ships in 10-14 days
The Ohana SK-15WG is so unique in looks and sound that it’s becoming one of Ohana players’ favorite instrument since it was first introduced. Each SK-15WG has its unique pattern of wood grains, and combined with the high gloss finish it is the most strikingly looking instrument in our step-up models. Acoustically, its deep and rich mid range gives the fullness and projection loudness that you don’t normally get from a step-up instruments at this affordable price.

Model: SK-15WG
Manufacturer: Ohana

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