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Flight Ukulele Flight DUC440 Concert Ukulele Acacia Supernatural Series w/bag

Price: $229.99

Flight’s DUC440 Acacia is a concert ukulele made from acacia. Acacia is the traditional choice of wood for making ukuleles, so if you’re looking for the real ‘island sound’, and at an affordable price, this is the uke for you! This ukulele has a satin finish, which is very nice to the touch.
The neck and fingerboard of the DUC440 are made from African okoume and Walnut. It’s a great combination that guarantees a stable intonation across the fretboard, is gentle to your hands, and looks great as well.
The nut may be a small component, but one that determines the pitch of the sound. The nut and saddle of the DUC440 are made from bone(not from plastic). Just one of the details that make this ukulele truly special.
This ukulele features a carefully-designed headstock fitted with classy golden tuners that will always stay in tune.
Light and stylish, yet offering excellent protection for your ukulele, Flight gigbags have already become legendary and with one hanging off your shoulder you will definitely make heads turn.
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Model: DUC440
Manufacturer: Flight Ukulele

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