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Flute Etudes Preparatory-4

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Overtones®: A Comprehensive Flute Series serves as the official resource for flute examinations of the Royal Conservatory™. Unparalleled in scope, this progressive collection includes fundamental repertoire and supporting materials such as Etudes, Compact Disks, Orchestral Excerpts, and Technique. The richness of music carefully selected for this compilation will resonate with teachers and students at every level of study. The two comprehensive volumes of Etudes (Prep-4 and 5-8) use engaging pieces to assist in the development of technique and the cultivation of expression and musicality. Students begin to experiment with sound, tone production, extended techniques, and graphic notation from the earliest levels, supporting their study of the selections available in the Flute Repertoire books. Compact Disks for each level are conveniently included with the purchase of each Etudes book. The quality recordings by renowned flutists offer characteristic interpretations of every selection in the Flute Repertoire and Flute Etudes books. Students may find inspiration in the performances and practice along with the piano accompaniment tracks.

Preparatory Level
Group 1: Traditional Style
  • Study in F Major : Robert Winn
  • Learning to Skate : Dianne Aitken
  • Study in C Major : Giuseppe Gariboldi
  • The Yeti Waltz : Jamie Thompson

  • Group 2: Modern Style
  • Siren : Kathryn Cernauskas
  • Many and Few : Wil Offermans

  • Level 1
    Group 1: Traditional Style
  • Study in C Major : Giuseppe Gariboldi
  • Study in C Major : Robert Winn
  • Study in F Major : Wilhelm Popp
  • Study in G Major : Christian Cheret

  • Group 2: Modern Style
  • Itchy Feet : Oliver Ledbury
  • Study in G Major : Russell Stokes

  • Level 2
    Group 1: Traditional Style
  • Study in C Major : Hans Kohler
  • Study in G Major : Ernesto Kohler
  • Study in F Major : Giuseppe Gariboldi
  • Study in C Major : Charles Nicholson

  • Group 2: Modern Style
  • Romany Song : Philip Sparke
  • Flute Salad : Oliver Ledbury
  • Cloud Nine : James Rae

  • Level 3
    Group 1: Traditional Style
  • Study in C Minor : Hans Kohler
  • Study in D Minor : Heinrich Soussmann
  • Study in F sharp Minor : Francois Devienne

  • Group 2: Modern Style
  • Hungarian Dance : Philip Sparke
  • Waltzer : Oliver Ledbury
  • One-Line Story : Wil Offermans
  • Groove It! : James Rae

  • Level 4
    Group 1: Traditional Style
  • Study in E Minor : Hans Kohler
  • Study in B Minor : Wilhelm Popp
  • Study in F Minor : Johann Georg Tromlitz

  • Group 2: Modern Style
  • Party Piece : Philip Sparke
  • The Wrong Button! : James Rae
  • Interlude : Allen Vizzutti

  • Table of Contents:

    Catalog: FLS01
    Publisher: Harris
    Level: Etudes Preperatory-4

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