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Four Star® Sight Reading and Ear Tests Level 8

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This graded series guides students in developing comprehensive sight-reading ability and musical understanding, from beginner to advanced levels. Assignments are organized into daily sight-reading and online ear-training exercises to facilitate regular practice at home. Interactive online ear-training activities offer students the opportunity to practice aural exercises independently.

Build on your skills with:
  • Rhythm Identification
  • Rhythm Clapback
  • Meter Identification
  • Scale and Interval Identification
  • Interval Quality Identification
  • Melody Identification
  • Melody Playback
  • Triad Quality Identification
  • Chord Quality Identification
  • Scale Degree Identification
  • Triad Degree Identification
  • Triad Quality and Degree Identification
  • Chord Progression Identification

  • Table of Contents:

    Catalog: 4S08
    Publisher: Harris
    Level: 8
    Pages: 52

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