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Flute Repertoire 6

Price: $45.95

Overtones®: A Comprehensive Flute Series serves as the official resource for flute examinations of the Royal Conservatory™. Unparalleled in scope, this progressive collection includes fundamental repertoire and supporting materials such as Etudes, Compact Disks, Orchestral Excerpts, and Technique. The richness of music carefully selected for this compilation will resonate with teachers and students at every level of study. Each of the nine progressive volumes of Repertoire introduces students to essential flute literature and more. With a breadth of composers, style periods, genres, pedagogical challenges, and cultural flavors in each volume, the Repertoire books present an intrinsic approach for developing flutists. Throughout the series, students will experience some of the most influential standard works written for flute, both accompanied and unaccompanied, while contemporary compositions and alluring arrangements bring a renewed energy to flute study. Compact Disks for each level are conveniently included with the purchase of each Repertoire book.
The quality recordings by renowned flutists offer characteristic interpretations of every selection in the Flute Repertoire and Flute Etudes books. Students may find inspiration in the performances and practice along with the piano accompaniment tracks.

  • Sonata in G Minor, op. 2, no. 3 (complete), Benedetto Marcello, arr. Kathleen Wood
  • Barcarolle melancolique, op. 72, no. 1, Charles Edouard Lefebvre
  • Capriccio, op. 3, no. 3, Franz Weiss
  • Red Bossa, Gary Schocker
  • Soliloquy, Harry Freedman
  • Musefully listening, nursing a thought, Jack Behrens
  • Sonata in E Minor, op. 3, no. 7 (complete), Jean-Baptiste Loeillet, arr. Kathleen Wood
  • Sonata in A Minor, op. 17, no. 3 (complete), Johann Christian Schickhardt, arr. Kathleen Wood
  • Intermezzo, Karl Joachim Andersen
  • Sonata in D Major (complete), Leonardo Vinci, arr. Kathleen Wood
  • Essay, Louis Applebaum
  • Tico Tico, Zequinha Abreu, arr. Alan Gout

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    Catalog: FLR06
    Publisher: Harris
    Level: 6
    Pages: 36

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